6 Years of Unjust Incarceration, Organizations Demand Freedom For Chabelo Morales



A PDF version can be found here:  6 Years Unjustly Imprisoned

This is an English translation of a post from Radio Progress which can be found here:


The Reflection, Research and Communication Team [ERIC in its Spanish acronym] and Convergence for Human Rights held a talk to explain the situation in the case of Jose Isabel “Chabelo” Morales, and state that they are awaiting the response of the justice system in reference to appeals filed seeking his release.

Morales has lost six years in prison. Also in that time he has lost a daughter, his father, and, in an accident, his [right] eye.

His defense attorney Omar Menjivar explained that what Chabelo has experienced, a wrongful conviction, has been caused by the merciless cruelty of the justice system against him, using his case as letter with which they are supposed to do justice to the facts of which he is accused.

According to Menjivar, the trial process that convicted Chabelo twice has occurred in the context of illegality. He presented for a second time an appeal which, so far, has not received a response.

Menjivar continued, “the whole process has been fraught with arbitrariness and lack of the fundamental rules of the process, the last hope we have internally is the appeal we filed and of which we are awaiting a resolution.”

For his part, Joaquin Mejia, who has a PhD in International Law,

Joaquín Mejía

Joaquín Mejía

says the case could be taken to international authorities in the coming days. “We are awaiting resolution of the appeal already filed at the national level, but we are preparing to submit the case to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) because Chabelo, a peasant farmer, has already lost six years in jail.

Present in the discussion group was Merlin Morales, Chabelo’s brother, who has accompanied him since he was imprisoned and has taken to the streets, on multiple occasions, to demand justice for Chabelo.

“For us it is very hard, the case of my brother, paying for a crime he did not commit, and there are many cases in the country. Thankfully, this case has been seen internationally because human rights organizations are seeing to it that justice be done,” said Morales.


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