Campesino Organizations Fasting for 48 hours to Demand the Initiation of Debate in the National Congress Regarding the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law

Human Rights Observation/Honduras

The below article is an English translation of an article from the Via Campesina website:   Organizaciones Campesinas en ayuno…

Photos by Greg McCain

Farmers organizations and confederations of women and youth, members of CAMPESINA ORGANISATION OF HONDURAS (ARCAH-LVC), HONDURAN CONFEDERATION OF WOMEN FARMERS (CHMC), and other campesino movements, reported this morning to a 48-hour fast demanding the repeal of the Agricultural Modernization Act (of 1992) and the approval of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform for Gender Equality, Food Sovereignty and Social Development Law introduced in Congress on April 9th, 2014 by Rafael Alegría, Representative of the Libre Party.

"I am Fasting for Agrarian Reform" “I am Fasting for Agrarian Reform”

The peasant movement has decided to introduce a new form of struggle in order for the members of Congress to give start to the debate on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law therefore they are fasting. According to Alegría, Coordinator of Via Campesina in addition to being…

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