Update on Campaign to Free Chavelo/Actualización de campaña por la liberación de Chavelo.

(Traducción al español está por debajo del inglés.) There are over 2500 signatures on the petitions and easily five times more people who have viewed them but didn’t sign. In addition to the Spanish and English versions, there is also a French version. People from France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, Australia, England, […]

Calls and Emails to the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras Demanding Freedom for Chavelo Llamadas y correos electrónicos a la Corte Suprema de Justicia de Honduras exigiendo la libertad de Chavelo

Please call and e-mail the Honduran Supreme Court and urge them to annul Chavelo’s sentence and free him immediately! Sample scripts and info for calling and e-mailing is below. Please let Greg ( greg_mccain@yahoo.com ) or Brigitte (Brigitte @soaw.org) know if you call. Thanks! Por favor, llamar y enviar correo electrónico a la Corte Suprema […]